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    leaving ibook plugged

    If leave by ibook plugged into the power outlet for extended periods of time will I lose battery life.
    I normally place in my bag for college each day, use about 2 hr of battery life and charge it at home. But at weekend, i leave it in the power supply all day, while using it..

    And recently I bought a dock for my Ipod, by leaving it on the dock will I lose battery life.

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    I to have often wondered this,

    As a precaution i do try and run my battery on my iBook down until it is in the red at least (i try and leave it until it gives me a "you are running on reserve battery power" warning most of the time).

    But i find that when performing processor-intensive tasks like using Photoshop for example, I do leave my iBook plugged in as it improves performance (check out your energy saver settings)

    As for the iPod, i have been wondering the exact same thing! I too have a dock for my 20GB ipod with Colour Screen but dont dare leave it plugged in all the time as i feel this may cause the battery to fail quicker than it would if i were to charge it, listen to it until it runs down and then charge it again.

    Can anyone else shed some more light on this?


    Chris. :mac:

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    Not using your battery will make it hold less of a charge over time. This applies to both your iBook and iPod battery.

    The mystery is exactly how much you have to use it to prevent this... I use both every day

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    I charge it up and use it til' it goes all the way down. i'm constantly on the go with it, and i don't want to carry all of the cords with me. I'm so glad it holds a good charge.

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    Hmm..I keep mine plugged in almost 24 hours a day...
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