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stillimation 01-24-2006 01:12 AM

looking at an iBook but it has an issue
ok so i found a G3 ibook (700mhz i believe) for 300$ but the ethernet port is "jacked" up. and she said that she put in an Air port but couldent get it to work. so my question is.... is there any way that i can put in a new ethernet? and if not she might be alittle off so should there be any reason that the air port wont work


stillimation 01-24-2006 03:33 PM

come on. no one????

radarbob 01-24-2006 10:48 PM

OK, I'll respond...

I assume "jacked up" means "it doesn't work." And with inoperable airport, why buy the computer? Who doesn't surf the net, besides you I mean, if you buy this computer. And a laptop w/out wireless, IMHO, is like an airplane missing one wing.

I would not be surprised if fixing the computer costs MUCH more than $300.

There are plenty of used computers available at decent prices, you do not need to buy one with known limiting defects.

Laptops are not designed for snapping pieces on and off like building your own desktop PC. Often an entire motherboard must be replaced when something on it is broken.

speeddemon0010 01-25-2006 01:19 AM

I have an ibook for sale $300 without any problems except that you will need to get an ac adapter for the computer, since it does not come with the right ac adapter for the laptop.

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