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    Possible iBook purchase...advice needed.
    Hey, I recently pre-ordered a MacBook Pro due to my love for the Tiger O.S. and the beauty of everything that is Apple. A couple weeks later I realised how much my Girlfriend needs a laptop too...I didn't get her anything for Xmas, shes been very good to me, and Valentines day is coming up.

    So basically what I am saying is I have limited money due to my Macbook purchase... about $700 USD, my girl fell in love with the Tiger O.S. at the Apple store, so I want to buy her an inexpensive Apple laptop.

    I found some Apple iBook laptops on ebay that are around 800MHz - 1GHz processor frequency range. Bad thing is they only have 133MHz FSB. The only game she plays is the Sims. Do these Processors do more per clock cycle than Pentiums, or are these too slow? Should I buy her a Dell Inspiron 6000 instead?

    (I had posted this thread in the wrong section, again I apologize for this mistake)

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    If its the Sims 1 ill assume you have all expansion packs, With that iBook it should work. With the Sims 2 It says 1.2GHz so im not sure about that. it shouldent be too slow with the sims 2.

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    I got the sims 2 on my 12'' iBook 1.33ghz, 512mb and with all the graphic options turned down, its playable but barley.

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    let her play on your macbook pro - and if you need to surf use her ibook

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    I got my 1.2ghz with full 1.256gigs of ram and airport extreme for 700 before 25bucks for shipping. I got a good deal. Personally it seems fast enough to play sims, but I cant vouch for that. Just wanted to imply that deals are out there, just find the rite one. Possibly make her save some money and go half way with her... You put in 700 and she make up the rest to get a powerbook or something along those lines. Personally I dont think the Ibook was designed with games in mind... its more for learning/surfing

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    Do these Processors do more per clock cycle than Pentiums, or are these too slow?
    That's like asking if the engine's piston travel distance makes a car go faster than another. You gotta look at the entire package (car).

    For example, read the latest issue of MacAddict. While Apple says "up to 4x" faster, the intel mac is only barely marginally faster overall.

    Should I buy her a Dell Inspiron 6000 instead?
    You should always buy a Macintosh instead of any PC regardless of brand.

    The Way of Macintosh is not defined by Megahertz. It's the user experience.

    If you want a performance laptop you gotta pay for it. My buddy just bought a Dell laptop and it's WOW fast - faster than my work PC; but he paid 4 grand too.

    Get a copy of PC magazine and check out the ads if you want to shop for a gaming laptop.

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    corrosive - how'd you get it for that price?

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    Ebay. It was a buy it now price. It was only online for like 2 hours before I snatched it. The view counter had only like 7 clicks on it. Happened at like 2am, lol I was really lucky.

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