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Thread: tripped over power chord

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    tripped over power chord
    I tripped over my power chord of my powerbook g4 today. it seems that the prongs have sort of dislocated from the body of the adapter. It seems like it almost should snap out...anyway I got it to snap back in but it still seems a bit off kilt. Any suggestions?

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    The only way you can get a new one is to buy one for 80$. Your warrantee won't over accidents.

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    You can get compatible power book adapters like THESE HERE which start at $29.99

    I am assuming USA dollars are your currency, aplogies if not
    Fondest regards, Kyomii

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    Ahh, I am so very afraid that this will happen to me. I am always more than super careful around it, but like you've showed, it can happen.

    This is why I highly envy the new MacBook Pro's power cord. It is amazing.

    Good luck with whatever you have to do to replace it.
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    Aaaahhhhh, MacBook Pro's power cord, a dream come true. I can't wait, I getting one in less than a month, YAY ME!!!!!

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