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    Question new hard drive and battery
    Can anyone suggest a good replacement battery for a G# lomard?
    And I am upgrading to a 40GB hard drive and increasing the memory-is there anything special I need to know before putting in the new hard drive? The old one has os 9 and os x 10.3.9, the new hard drive has Tiger on it already.

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    The NewerTech batteries are pricey, but probably some of the best you can buy. When they say "50% more battery time than the OEM battery," they are not joking.

    Don't forget to install XPostFacto, or else the Lombard might not be able to run Tiger. 10.3.9 is officially supported for Lombard, but I'm pretty sure you need XPostFacto for 10.4.x.

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    Could I copy XPostFacto onto a cd and use it after I install the new hard drive?

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