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    Formatting my iBook's HDD - Question Before I do it..

    I have alot of crap and what not on my iBook now and i want to format the Hard drive and start a fresh.

    I have the OSX 10.4 disk, iLife 05 etc etc..

    I am currently in the process of backing up files, all i need to know is how to format the drive?

    Do i press anything when the iBook is loading or anything?


    Chris :mac:

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    Insert the OS X installation DVD, restart the iBook and when the installation is launched use the Disk Utility tool...

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    There is a custom option in the installer that runs when you boot from the CD/DVD. It will be in the lower left hand corner of the 4th or 5th install Window (IIRC). Click that and look around, it will give you an option for reformatting the disk and then installing OSX.

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