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    Im trying to set up and accout so my missus can use the laptop as well. I have created an account and pswd but when I log in, i can access anything. I have tried to remedy this by giving her access in the priviledges section but when i log into her account there are no icons on the dock.

    How can I give her access to the internet and some applications like iWork etc.


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    May 26, 2005
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    I'm guessing you mean you can't access anything when you log into the account you made for her? Have you looked in the applications folder in finder? can you run all the applications from there? If so then all you need to do is drag the applications that you want your wife to use on to the dock.

    The dock doesn't tell you what you can and can't run, its just a place to hold applications you use a lot.

    Hope that answers your question.

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