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    actual formatted capacity 80gb
    what's the actual capacity of a powerbook with 80gb hard drive, after installing Tiger?
    is it around 60gb?
    also, is there a good thread to clear out any unnecesary junk, like languages, ichat icons...etc?

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    before, it's something like 74.x gigs after formatting. Cant remember what the tiger install takes. but when you go to install it, you can choose not to install Printer drivers (2+ gigs of wasted files), along with a few other options.

    That would be my suggestion. I do fresh installs at work all the time, without those files, for 2.5 gigs on the HD after install.

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    there are many programs that can get rid off junk or rubbish - that r free!

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    Quote Originally Posted by christm
    there are many programs that can get rid off junk or rubbish - that r free!
    Do you know a few good ones off the top of your head?

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