Hey Guys!

I know with all the talk of the new MacBook Pro and all the juicy news of it, we're getting a bit distracted from the PowerBook line. No problem really in my opinion. Progress is good, and this is is truly worth it.

Now to my question.

I have a pair of good Bose headphones :headphone and it seems that everytime I plug them into my laptop, regardless of whether I have sounded muted, low or loud, there's this constant static noise that is clearly audible. So much so that i get headaches from wearing my headphones conected to my PowerBook (which is a G4 btw, 1 year old). I've noticed that this noise doesn't exist on other headphone compatible gadgets, my iPod and PSP for example. In adition i have some older headphones, which mind you have no audible clarity to them, and they seem to prove that this noise is infact real, for my PowerBook at least.

I'm curious, is this something that can be resolved? Was this my fault? Etc... The usual trouble shooting thing...

Oh, and yea, has anyone else had this sort of problem?