This is my first Mac, It has a 333, 4gb HD Lombard. I upgraded the memory to 384MB and noticed a big difference. I wanted some opinions as to the best route to go as far as upgrading it further. I have Os 9.2 and OSX 10.3.9 on it now.
I would like to increase the hard drive size and not sure about the processor.I have it set up for wireless internet with a DELL 1150 true mobile card that works of a Linksys router(hooked up to a windows PC). I got the card to work after I found the driver for it.
I mostly am using this as a second computer for internet/email and to try out mac's before I switch my desktop over.
I like the ability to swap out cd drives,batteries etc..
I have about $200.00 invested in this and want to know if it's worth putting more money into a G3-I could do the upgrades myself.