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Thread: So the new Mac Books...

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    Mikey Chopps
    So the new Mac Books...
    Can they run games or programs like "Steam". If not and i excpect it in the near or even distant future?

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    They can almost any Mac Software that is out there. If "Steam" is a Mac program, it will probably run, but nothing is guarenteed. They will not run Windows programs. Mac software may run a bit slower until the titles have been updated to take advantage of the Intel processor.

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    Is there a Mac version of steam?

    If there isn't (I wouldn't know, outside of Postal 2 my Mac doesn't do much gaming), the new x86 processors may lead to more software, but I could be wrong.
    I'd use Windows... but I like the Mac OS more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mikey Chopps
    Can they run games or programs like "Steam". If not and i excpect it in the near or even distant future?
    As of now, steam is not for mac OS X, however, it is rumored that windows xp can be installed on a seperate partition of your hard disk on the new intel macs. In that case you could boot under Windows and run steam. So yes, in a weird way... I think intel will bring a lot of new software for macs as well. ^.^... Still don't have one yet, but I think I'm going for a new macbook pro sometime in June once some benchmarks have come out and other problems have been addressed (if there are any )

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