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    Replacing iBook cd drive
    Hey all, I purchased my iBook G4 from a local reseller a little more than a year ago. Its been great up until now; the problems began by scratching the cd's and then the drive just stopped working altogether. So I tore the iBook apart and took out the cd drive. I put the iBook back together and it works, but isnt very useful without a media drive. I want to replace it with another internal drive (preferably a dvd burner) but there are two problems: first, the actual superdrives made by apple are well out of my price range, and second, how do I know if a third party drive will fit/be compatible?

    I dont care whether its slot loading or tray loading, as I dont mind stealthing the tray loading drive if need be.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Are you going to install the new drive yourself?
    here is a guide on how to do it
    They also sell the drives there, but I find the best buy to be on ebay. Also tray loading drives will NOT work. You must have a slot loading one.
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