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    Uneven screen backlighting?
    I have a brand new 12'' iBook. The backlighting on the left side is slightly dimmer then on the right. This is only noticable on a white background, and even then, it took me 2 weeks and someone else to point it out before i noticed, so im not too concerened.

    But still, is yours like tht? Im worried about sending it off only to have it opened up, tore apart, and sent back the same or worse.

    If the backlighting on your iBook is perfect, also reply and let me know ther are perfect screens out there

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    The backlight on my 14" iBook isn't perfect either, I noticed it the day I got it, but I'm not concerned about it. It has a 2 year warranty so if it packs in then I'll send it back

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    my ibook is perfect. least from what i can tell :dive:

    my apple is bling *tisk tisk, you shouldn't have any bling.. just nice things*

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    ahh this is driving me nuts! Its so faint i can hardly tell.. but i know its there! Part of me gets the feeling if i were to bring this in to complain about it or fix it, they would look at me like im crazy..

    I wish there was some home fix for this. Id even be happy if the right side of my screen became dimmer jus to even it out

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    ok ive decided that im completely insane and my ibook screen is perfect

    problem solved.. lol

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    Hi all.

    The backlighting is terribly uneven (cathode bleed?) on my newly acquired MacBook 13.3".

    i.e, when watching a 16:9 DVD, the black bar at the top is black, the bottom one is grey.
    If I try to angle the screen to get the bottom bar to be black the top part of the screen becomes unwatchable.

    It can also be clearly seen if I change the wallpaper to a flat color.
    It looks almost like a gradient going from dark (top) to light (bottom).

    I thought I would resurrect this thread for peeps who might think this problem has been fixed in the latest versions of the MacBook (mine was built 4 weeks ago).

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    i'm a new macbook owner and last night i discovered the monitor calibration wizard. it made a world of difference.

    Sys prefs --> Color tab --> calibration

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    Thanks for the reply, tei727.

    I did calibrate the screen as soon as I noticed the problem.
    It did make a very noticeable difference (for the better) but unfortunately did not cure the uneven brightness.
    I wasn't expecting it to, to be honest.

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