I have 4month old ibook g3 700MHz. It has worked great since yesterday. My battery ran out and I plugged it to poweradapter. After 2hours batterymeter told me that 3% was charged and calculating remaining. I turned computer off and when the light became to green I restarted it. Now battery is always 99%. No matter if I use 3hours its still 99% and it is calculating remaining battery time. When battery runs out computer just go sleep mode. It doesnt ask anything.
I have tryied to calibrate battery, I have reseted Power Management Unit and so on but nothing has helped. Still 99%. If I turn computer, take battery off and push the button it is always 4 green light. No matter how long I have been using computer with battery power.

OSX is version 10.3.1 (Panther), So only problems it that I dont know how much power I have left. With battery I can still use computer 3.5-4hours butt no idea when it goes sleep mode. Is the battery broken or something?