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Thread: Funny num-lock type thing

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    Funny num-lock type thing
    Every once in a blue moon, I get this weird, num-lock like thing that I can't take off where my right-hand keys are stuck in num-lock mode, but unlock in the real num-lock mode, the left keys are still enabled, but typing the wrong characters. Additionally, the delete key and things like that are disabled. The only way I've found thus far that fixes it is restarting. It's (not surprisingly) an Oct 20005 PB. I'm considering more and more scrapping this thing as soon as the Merom books hit.
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    Dumb question, but you have tried the num-lock key right? (F6)
    Maybe get your local apple technician to check it out - sometimes things just break (keyboard connectors).

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    Yes, I tried teh num lock key. As I said, it is not num lock, it's just similar. And it's rare, and sporadic.
    'cause when it rains, you know it pours.

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