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    Battery Life
    How long do you get on a charge with your screen brightness set at half and you volume at half. If you have an iBook please post how long you get on you iBook as well as PowerBook. If this thread is still alive when the MacBook Pros ship please post battery life on them too.


    EDIT: Also don't forget to post what model the PowerBook / iBook is.

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    Well to be honest, I never set mine at half and half. If I'm on my battery, I'm after maximum battery life and my volume and screen brightness are as low as I can get them. If the lighting is such that I can't see the screen well at the lowest setting, I invert the screen colors with Ctrl-Alt-Apple-8.

    On those dead lowest settings, on a 1Ghz 12" Powerbook G4 with the NewerTech after-market battery, I can get as much as 4.5 hours, or about 3 hours if I'm using Airport Extreme. With the original factory battery, I was never able to get that sort of time. I was lucky to get three and a half hours when the factory battery was new, and two and a half hours with Airport Extreme on.

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    I get over 3 hours on my PB 1.5 GHz running Panther and using everything to the Max.. About 30 min.more when conserving. I'm really disappointed that they haven't even mentioned battery life on the MacPro, that can only mean one thing, it stinks or they would be bragging. This will stop me from buying one for awhile because I'm fast enough now.

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    I've maxed out at around 5 hours and a few minutes with my lowest brightness setting on my PB 15". On my 14" iBook, I've got as much as 7 hours 18 minutes, if I recall.
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    I usally get 3 1/2 hours life on a 1.67ghz. Make sure you have under power-saving processor setting to conserve power.

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    I get about 3 hours on my 1.67GHz, using the factory installed battery.

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    On my PowerBook (in username area) I can get up to 4 hrs if I turn off the audio and set the screen brightness to the lowest it goes without going completely black.

    Coconut battery tells me I can get a 97% charge on my battery,

    The reason I use this is namely because I'm to lazy to buy a second battery.
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