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    How do I install Tiger on a G4 PowerBook with no LCD screen?
    I have a G4 PowerBook (not the newest generation) and I took off the LCD screen and disconnected the wires because it was cracked and unusable. I use it with an external monitor and it works fine. The only problem I have is when I try to install Tiger. I insert the CD then it restarts but my external monitor won't get recognized until right before it hits the desktop (around the log in screen). Does anyone know how you could force the external monitor to be recognized throughout the entire boot process? Or if not, is this a way to install Tiger via another Mac?

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    I did the same thing with an iMac G4 and had no trouble to install Tiger.
    Anyway, you can install Tiger from an other Mac. Just start your PowerBook in target disk mode (press "T" at startup) and connect it to the other Mac. Boot that Mac from the install DVD. You can choose on which HD to install. Simply choose the PowerBook, and run the whole install process.

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