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    Ok I have two computers on a wireless network.
    One of the computers is a 2002 gateway laptop directly hooked to a hp1600 all in one printer. I can print from the windows computer. The other computer is a 2005 powerbook g4. The powerbook also has the printer software hooked up to it and can print when the USB cable is plugged in. I would like to be able to leave the gateway plugged into the printer and print from the mac wirelessly. I have downloaded bonjour to my gateway and set up the wireless printer thing.

    Now what, I don't know what to do on the mac side of things? How do I tell the mac to go look for a wireless printer? I know I have posted this before but I have been making headway by the hour (like finding out about bonjour). Also there is no bonjour on my mac!

    This whole wireless printing thing is my goal for tonight... it was my goal wednesday night actually but I cant get it to work.

    BTW my wireless network is not an apple router.


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    Assuming you are using OSX 10.4, bonjour is built in. You should be able to go and add the printer on the Mac via the System Prefs.

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    it does not detect a shared printer

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