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Thread: Powerbook tiger upgrade problem

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    Biturbo V12 AMG
    Powerbook tiger upgrade problem
    I had an older 12inch powerbook that is maybe 1 1/2 years old and i got tired of not having tiger on it like my 15 inch does. well before i installed it i read that you can use the reinstall CD to reinstall ilife. so i bought OSX tiger full version and decided to do a clean install, i did a clean install all went well but i went to install ilife back the only application i wanted was iphoto which i had before the upgrade. well i went to do the cd reinstall that came with the computer and all it reinstalls is iDVD garage band exct. but no iphoto i have searched and i cant find any other CDs that came with the computer and i just want to know how i had iphoto on the computer before? i bought the computer brand new and i even still have the box.

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    Biturbo V12 AMG
    never mind i am so stupid. i thought that iphoto would show up in the dock and i finally found it hiding in the application folder....

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