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    Help with 12 1.3 G Cracked Screen
    I purchased a 12in 1.3 Ghz Powerbook with a broken screen on ebay. I kept watching and finally purchased a replacement screen that supposable worked for and Al 12in G4 with rates of .8 to 1.5 Ghz.

    I tried to take the PB apart and ran into trouble right away in that I was unable to remove the screw that goes from the memory compartment to the keyboard. I finally gave in and took it to Compusa. They were able to get the PB apart after several days work and then determined that the pigtail that goes from the computer to the screen is about 1/2 in too short. If they order a screen from Apple it will cost almost $500. I asked if they could extend the pigtail, but they say it can't be done. Do I have any options other than reselling the lcd on line and trying to make sure I get the right one next time or paying big bucks to apple to get the right screen.

    Thanks for any help.


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    Can u post some photos of the screen and connector cable?


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    LCD Screen Info
    Quote Originally Posted by ed724
    Can u post some photos of the screen and connector cable?

    Sorry, but both my screen and the one I purchased are at CompUSA. I do have the numbers of both screens now. I stopped at CompUSA and got the numbers today. I have nothing but praise for the techs at the Auburn Hills store.

    The number on the broken LCD is LP121X04 it is made by Phillips LG. The screen I purchased is a Samsung LTN121X1-l02 The Samsung has the pigtail that is too short.

    Thanks for responding

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    Interrested selling it?
    Hi there,

    My 12? PB (first generation) unfortunately has just died - and I canít afford to buy a new one at this stage. It will be too expensive to repair, because there are so many things wrong with it.

    Broken latch
    wobbly battery
    broken superdrive
    noisy fan
    faulty motherboard
    (writes zeros all by itself - even with internal keyboard unplugged)

    Also it just killed my third internal HD, which is probably related to a faulty

    So what does work?

    Good question, I think it is safe to say that the screen if fine and the airport
    card also.

    But Ö.. I am just wondering whether an of you have somewhere up in the attic a 12?
    powerbook with a broken screen, but otherwise still working?

    If so - I would really love to hear from you - maybe we could do a deal?


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    I replaced the screen and sold the powerbook. I just put the Samsung screen up for sale on ebay.


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