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    iBook Power Options
    Can anyone tell me what the different power options in OS X Tiger on the iBook G4 do please?

    There are the following options:

    etc etc

    I've noticed my iBook gets quite warm, and as far as I'm aware it's on the default setting. I read elsewhere that changing it to "reduced" will help with that, but will that reduce the performance of the laptop?

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    Performance: Does not set a cap on the processor's limit, screen brightness all the way up, hard drive does not sleep until told.

    Reduced: Sets a ~75% cap on the processor, screen brightness reduced, hard drives sleep every 5 minutes or so (if not in use).

    Battery Saver: Sets a ~50% cap on the processor, screen brightness on 3 clicks, screen turns off every 3 minutes, hard drives sleep annoyingly too often, the computer will sleep in 5 minutes.

    *These are just estimates, and from what I've noticed using the SysStat widget (i.e. my processor will never get over 50% when BatterySaver is on.)*

    Yes, "Reduced" will increase your battery life by ~15%, and probably reduce the heat dissipation, but yes, performance will suffer.
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    Thanks, I'll play about and see what gives the best balance of performance/heat

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