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    just ordered a 12inch powerbook
    i just ordered a 12 inch powerbook, very psyched on this. one question for the 12 inch users, ill be editing alot of photos on this since photography is my major, is there a big diff. betweent he 1.5 to 1.67ghz?, the size a the monitor doesnt really bother me too much but i plan on getting an external and such.

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    You should really re-think this choice. I do digital photography as well and I opted to get a 15" PB because of several factors:

    - The resolution offered by a 12" is 1024x768 even with an external monitor.

    - 12" has only 64MB of video RAM. You probably need more than that for good editing.

    - 12" does not have firewire 800. It is useful if you have TIFF files over 100MB

    Just my two cents


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    Unless you consider yourself a professional, you shouldn't have a problem with it. The 12" Powerbooks run Photoshop fine and iPhoto even better. The only bad thing is the screen size, I had one for a year and it started bugging me after about 3 months of trying to edit video and pictures. It's just not that much screen to work with.

    But if you don't see a problem with it, then there's not a problem with it. :mac:
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    *scratches head*

    Maybe I have missed something here. The PowerBook 12" will do a lot more than 1024x768 on an external monitor, you are thinking about the 12" iBook which won't without the screen spanning hack.

    64MB of Video RAM is plenty enough. I regularly edit huge files, say 16x12" files at 300dpi on an external screen, have I seen it stutter, not at all.

    Bigger VRAM is needed for 3D games more than anything, but 2D editing, 64MB is fine and has yet to cripple me. Sure you can't run a 30" display but if you're like me, I don't have 2k in the bank burning a hole so it's not a problem.

    12" does not have FW800, but I have backed up my whole hard disk using FW400 and it hardly can be described as taking an age, plus the 400Mbit/800Mbit speeds are quoting the peak transfer rate rather than the mean transfer rate.

    The 12" PowerBook is fabulous, and just as worthy as the 15 and 17" models; the difference lays more in the built in screen size than anything.

    The 167MHz speed difference in the 12 and 15/17" models will be a minor issue and barely noticeable for what you will be doing. shows off in the portfolio some of my work completed with a 12" PowerBook G4; it is very capable for doing graphics work and I still don't know of another ultraportable with a dedicated GPU and 64MB of dedicated VRAM with an optical drive.


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    lol, Vicky do you just search for 12inch Powerbook threads :black:
    You do seem to be everywhere though.

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    thanks guy, the screen size wont bother me too much but ill be uploading alot of raw files, an external will also be purchased later on..

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    Awesome, I'm sure you'll like it very much. Nice to have a small powerful and rugged laptop to take around with you Even better when it's a mac.

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    ok, so i got my powerbook and im actually writing this reply with it haha but so far, im in love with it, everything feels so stable, apples instructions and layout of things is really simple and easy to use, this should treat me well for a while..

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