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    Macbook Air 13" vs Macbook Pro 13" Retina
    I'm looking to purchase a new Macbook as my current second gen black macbook is failing me on a weekly basis. My decision is this:

    - Macbook Air 13" 2.0 ghz Intel Dual Core i7, 8GB Ram, 256 GB Flash Storage or...

    - Macbook Pro 13" Retina 2.9 ghz Dual Core i7, 256 Gb Flash Storage...

    It's obvious which one is the better choice- fortunately I've saved up and price isn't my largest concern.. what is my big concern, is that I'm buying something that it future proof in terms of upgrades etc... that is why i've chosen the i7 for each model.

    one of my main questions is the processors- is there much of a difference between the 2.0 and 2.9?
    - the scope of my use on the computer is browsing, work (excel/powerpoint), some photo editing and other general use (music, movies etc...) I'll also be running Parallels to use windows...
    - given this, I don't feel that the retina is really needed?

    However, I don't want to get an Air with a lower processor and then be hooped in two to three years when I actually need the additional power...?

    can someone point me in the right direction...? weight and size don't affect my decision, it's mainly just the processor and the that I'm concerned about.. as well, I don't want to get the i5 in the base level retina because the i7, I feel, is going to used a little longer...


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    Go with the macbook air, it is a much better balanced machine, lighter and even though its display is not retina it has a very good resolution much better than the macbook pro without retina. Another thing is that you can top out the machine with the price of the base model of the retina and it is almost as fast as the retina macbook pro.

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    awesome. Thanks for the reply.

    So is there really not that much difference in the processor speed of 2.0 ghz in the air compared to the 2.5 in the retina? I'm just trying to "future proof" this computer, but I suppose the RAM is most important in this no? Thanks again...

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    you cant "future-proof" laptops. even if you can change ram/hd, you will not be able to change out processor or video. Buy the best, fastest you can afford and you will be fine.
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    I came to the forums just to browse/kill some time, but your post intrigued me.

    Deckyon is right imo; both the rMBP13 and the MBA13 are equally "future-proof" in that they will likely receive OS updates etc. for roughly the same amount of time as they have similar internals. Also, both have RAM soldiered to the logic board, so it's not possible to upgrade it later.

    Looking at, a 13" air with 2ghz i7, 8GB of ram and 512GB SSD costs the same $2,079 as a 13" Retina with 2.9ghz i7 and 256GB SSD (128 is too little IMO).

    The Air would therefore appear to be the better choice.

    But, if weight isn't a factor, and you don't need/want a retina display, why not get a non-retina Pro? The high end ($1399) 13" model has the same 2.9ghz i7, intel HD4000 graphics and 8GB of ram (though you CAN upgrade the ram here) as the 13" retina, plus a larger HD and ports like FW800 and ethernet and a DVD drive which you'll need if you work with any sort o folder hardware. If I were you I'd buy the 13" non-retina and spend the money I save on accessories like this stand and this monitor and this adapter and maybe a keyboard and mouse and have a nice desktop setup for when you're at home.

    TL;DR: Get the Air if you want something light, or the non-retina pro and some accessories if you don't.

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    Cant go wrong!!!
    Totally agree with dhmmjoph, basically go with whatever suits your needs, but you cant go wrong with either machine, because they have basically all around very good performance, cheers and enjoy your new computer, let us know which one you got.

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