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    how to uninstall sytem 9
    I have an ibook tha came with 9 but my son installed the jaguar osx which was needed for my daughter's tho iI cannot burn a cd as it says that start up or other disks are can I take 9 off without ruining anything on 10 by just dragging to trash? I am really computer illiterate!!!!

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    hmm... yeah.. im pretty sure if you just select and drag your 9 system folder into the trash and then empty it, that should uninstall it. No harm done..

    though im kinda interested about this start up disk being full? and not being able to burn a CD?

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    First and foremost....OS 9 doesn't really take up that much space. I don't even think it takes up 1GB...I could be wrong though. If your hard drive is THAT-FULL, then it is time for an external drive. Give more detail on the BURN situation for us.

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