K few questions, not sure if this is the right section. Not sure if most know but in Windows with Terminal Services you can do like VNC and control a computer over your network. However, instead of actualyl controling the mouse and such, you log in and the display is output over the network to the local machine, meaning if your remote system has a tiny display, and your local one has a widescreen monitor, you can run at your native widescreen. I'm just curious if theres anything like that for Mac. I know you can do VNC and control it. Bascially, I have a 12" Powerbook with 1024x768 obviously. I also have a XP based laptop with a 14" 1440x1200 resolution. I'm wondering if theres any possible way to log in over the network to my Mac and output it to this display so that it shows OS X at 1440x1200 thanks so much!