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Thread: command to copy bookmarks & mail

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    command to copy bookmarks & mail
    I've searched for a while now, and so far not coming up with
    the right command/s to copy all my bookmarks and all my apple mail emails to a cd.
    ex wife is taking her iBook, and I'll be purchasing a new iMac
    This iBook is running Panther 10.3x with the safari and mail that came with that version of OS.
    The iMac will obv. be 10.4 Tiger and I would like to be able to copy my bookmarks into the new Safari, and Mail programs.
    I'm not sure if I'll have to archive to cd and then export to the iMac or what? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you,

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    1. If you have a FireWire cable around, you can use that to connect the two side-by-side, and the new Mac will include an assistant program to transfer everything.

    2. If that's not practical, then Mail keeps its mailboxes in a folder called "Mail" inside the Library folder of your home folder. Safari keeps its bookmarks in another folder called "Safari" in the Library. The contacts from your Address Book (and most other application preferences) are in the Application Support folder in your Library.

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