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    Powerbook DVI to TV Help
    ok, so i ordered the dvi to svideo/composite adapter from apple, and then looked at the page again afterwards and it says "only for Powermac G5 and MiniMac"... does this mean it won't work or are they saying that because i will need to use the mini-dvi to dvi adapter before plugging in the dvi to svideo adapter?

    i mean, dvi is dvi right?

    i plan on just plugging in the mini dvi to dvi adapter into the side of my notebook, then plugging the dvi to s video adapter into the mini adapter and then using the svideo output to see my display on my tv? will this work?

    i have a g4 powerbook 1.33


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    Quote Originally Posted by m4ttjabz
    i mean, dvi is dvi right?
    Nope, there is DVI-I, DVI-A, and DVI-D, and then some variations within those.

    I am guessing your PowerBook output is DVI-D, which is a pure digital signal. While the Mini and PowerMac are probably DVI-I, which outputs both an analog and a digital signal. The S-video adapter would take advantage of the analog output from the DVI-I port, which the DVI-D port on the PowerBook doesn't have.

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    what if i were to just use the rca output on the adapter, since its not digital? all i want is to play a home video on my tv without having to get a dvd burner and all...

    heres the description:

    The Apple DVI to Video Adapter was designed specifically to allow Mac mini and Power Mac G5 systems users to connect from the DVI port to S-video or Composite video devices such as TVs, VCRs, or overhead projectors with S-Video or RCA (Composite) connectors. The Apple DVI to Video Adapter is designed to work with the DVI port on the Mac mini and Power Mac G5 systems only.


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    nevermind, i'm an idiot, i just found pictures of the various dvi connectors and i most certainly have a dvi-d dual link connector, which of course won't interface with the dvi-i, man if i had only found this out before...

    thanks for your help though!


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