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Thread: Should I restore? a Floor Model PBook G4?

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    Should I restore? a Floor Model PBook G4?
    hi. just bought a powerbook :black: 15in G4 1.67ghz, 1280 res model...and it was the last one, it was on the floor(not literally). the manager took off $250 big ones and i walked away with it for $1650. Firstly, do you think that's a good deal? This is not the new Hi-Res pb's. It has a dvi adapter, it's not built-in, it's a 64 graphics card, not the 128....what do you think? Should I keep it or upgrade to the hi-res?
    and lastly, should I do a system restore and start from scratch or should i just leave it going as is...from the floor....? thanks anyone! :headphone

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    CD's with New PB?
    what CD's come with a new pb? I only have two(OS9 install & OS 10.3.7 install). i'm wondering if i am missing any cd's, such as iLife or 10.4? any info would be great...thanks.

    my info:
    2005(march production)powerbook/15in/1.67/1280x850res/superdrive/80gbHD

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    Firstly, congrats on your new Powerbook! I'm glad you're enjoying it.

    Your deal was okay, certainly not a ripoff. That exact machine happens to sell on the used retail market for (surprise) $1610-$1650 at places like Mac Connection, so it would be comparable to buying a used Powerbook from a third-party vendor in a non-Ebay setting.

    The model you bought did not come with OS X Tiger originally (it debuted in 1/05 and Tiger didn't come out until March), so I'm not surprised if that System Restore CD comes with OS X 10.3.7. If the machine is loaded with Tiger right now, then obviously you don't want to do a system restore and erase Tiger. If that's the case and you'll lose Tiger in a System Restore, then just run some utilities like Onyx and Applejack to clena the machine up, and then leave it as-is. The machine also did not come with iLife originally, so you're okay if you don't have that CD.

    Unfortunately, you're not going to get $1650 for it on the used private market (the same machine can be had for $1350 on Ebay, and those machines are upgraded beyond the base specs and usually come with OS X Tiger) so it makes sense to hold on to this machine for a little while unless you want to take a financial loss. It will certainly last long enough for you to see how the Intel Powerbooks turn out, whenever they show up.

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    thanks jn4jenny for the info. i was thinking $1650 might be an average deal, esp. for a floor model. i think i have the option of returning it within 3 weeks for an upgrade to the latest hi-res pb. however, i've read about lots of bugs with the hi-res 15 inch pbs...grinding noises and most notably, the scanlines issues. do u think it's worth keeping or should i just upgrade?

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    wait, did the floor models have awesome software on them...did they remove that b4 selling it to you?

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    nothing special on the floor model, except Tiger. i think the earlier pbooks from 2005 only had Panther. besides that, not much else....i think i've made my decision. i'm taking it back, paying the $350 and getting me the hi-res model. i just hope i get a good one......

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