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Thread: Completely Uninstalling!?

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    Exclamation Completely Uninstalling!?
    Hello fellow Macintosh-ers (hah that was lame lol!)

    I am trying to completely UNINSTALL Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 from my new iBook G4 because I am never going to play it. Will dragging it to the trash fully erase it from my computer? or is there some uninstall program I can use?

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    thats all you gotta do is drag it off

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    Do a search for something like "hawk" - it may turn up some preference files in your library - you can delete them too.
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    Yeah, sometimes there are those little preferences hidden in the library, but pretty much any application will be erased by selecting its folder and draggin it to the trash.. (cant think of any that dont erase that way).

    The macintosh system is really very different from the PC, in PC you use the start menu to open files and you never really see much of where it actually is, or how everything comes together. With macintosh you can use your dock, go into applications, browes the folders move things around pretty much anything you want you can do with out currupting anything.

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