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Thread: iBook keyboard and problems?

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    iBook keyboard and problems?
    Hi everyone,

    My iBook is roughly six months old, 12" 1.33 GHz model, 512 MB RAM.

    Recently, it's been doing some odd things, like TyPINg lIKe ThIs OR LIKE THIS without me pressing the caps lock key or the shift key. Also, if I wanted to quit an application, and I pressed apple+Q, the input was actually received as apple+shift+Q, logging me out instead.

    Also, last night, I closed the laptop as usual to put it to sleep, and noticed that the sleep light didn't go on. Wondering what was wrong, I opened it up and noticed that it had completely shut down. It wouldn't do anything for about five minutes; I pressed the power button and checked the battery and the adapter power cord. Everything seemed fine. I don't think it was too hot either; it's been hotter before.

    A previous time, after shutting down, the iBook started up but didn't finish booting for a long time, then it went into safe mode.

    Is this a major problem, or can this all be easily fixed? Are the problems all linked? They seem to have all appeared at the same time. I have school (university) tomorrow and if it has to be taken somewhere to be fixed, I'd like that to be done ASAP so I can do all my homework! And yes, I've read the 'instant fixes' thread but I don't want to do anything if I'm not positive it's right.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Sounds like your machine is still under warranty. Call Apple.

    From your laundry list of issues I'd say prepare yourself to return your machine for repair. They'll walk you through troubleshooting and decide over the phone. But they send you a prepaid shipping box and their turnaround is typically very fast.

    Then buy applecare. You can get it anytime before your original warranty expires. Not because Mac is a lousy machine, but because it's a laptop. They naturally get more abuse than a desktop computer that just sits there. One out-of-warranty repair and applecare pays for itself.

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    Ok thanks. I'll call them as soon as I can then! The only problem is that these things don't happen all the time...I guess I have to wait until it does happen before calling!

    Edit: Ok, went to Apple retail store and they replaced the keyboard...seems to be working perfectly now!

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