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tatetocks 01-02-2006 07:17 AM

Smashed Powerbook Casing
My husband just dropped off his Ducati, taking his Powerbook on the impact with him. It's deformed now and the screen's no longer working as well but we believe everything inside is still intact as my Powerbook can still "call" on his smashed MAC via my bluetooth. Would you guys by any chance know where I can purchase just the casing and screen via some website somewhere? (basically the whole thing you see on the outside without the processing bits inside. An empty shell!) Powerbook G4 Alum. We're going to try and transfer the bits into a new casing. Please advise if such a thing exist and if something like this is possible to be done! Any comments would be appreciated as we would like to save this machine for sentimental reasons! ie. I just spent a whole lot getting this for him for THIS X'mas! Ta!

to_tough_to_die 01-02-2006 07:40 AM

You'd either have to buy one off of eBay, which generally means buying the internals to, or buy one straight from Apple... but it'll cost you. I got my Charger and the chord from my lamp tangled (without realizing it) and when I stood up and began to walk away, the corner of my case gets slammed into the floor. Luckily they could hammer most of the damage out, but they were trying to sell me a new case for $600 the entire time...

Although some homeowners insurance covers this sort of thing, and if I recall, American Express does (or at least used to) have a warranty on stuff baught with a certain amount spent using your AMEX card, but Icould be wrong.

jn4jenny 01-02-2006 09:32 AM

That is going to be a VERY expensive repair, and VERY difficult to execute yourself. Not impossible, but if you've never done it before, it'll be tough. And the parts may literally cost you half or 75% as much as the original purchase price.

I agree with the previous poster that you should look into homeowner's or renter's insurance or credit card coverage, which might cover the replacement. If that doesnt' work out, then I suggest that you consider selling the entire thing for parts on Ebay, which should get you about $400 back.

If you insist on trying it yourself (again, very bad idea!), you can locate the parts (for reference) at, although they are slightly overpriced. But it's a good site to "see" the parts at for the first time and they'll show you the instructions you'd have to follow to make all the replacements. Once you know what the parts are called, you could Google for them, or try to find them through Mac repair facilities. Or, as another poster has mentioned, you could try to find a broken Powerbook on Ebay, buy that, and use those parts.

Speaking of repair facilities, if you decide that you don't want to do this yourself, a joint like or will probably do it (again, for an exhorbitant charge.)

hojkoff_101 01-02-2006 06:26 PM

If you have house insurance or any kind of insurance for that matter see if they'll cover it. My dad droped his PC and wrote the whole thing off, even the screen, and the insurance company paid out for a brand new one. We didn't even scam them. Some policies will cover what you've managed to achieve.

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