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Thread: Beeping?

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    Question Beeping?
    I don't about you other guys, but my PB starts to beep at the most awkward times. Like it isn't a whining or anything, it just beeps. It sounds like the beeping on a "PC" when a key on the keyboard is held too long; except it's more subtle. Wondering if you guys have ever heard a beeping in on ur books, am i just unique or unlucky?


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    two beep wonder
    I get a strange two short beep sound when starting up my G4. I don't know why, and it's a little worrying, but nothing seems really wrong. Any one else had the same probs?

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    do this happen when the volume is turned off and something on the computer makes a noise ?
    mine makes a lil glitch noise when something is making a noise on the computer but the volume is turned off..i think all it is, is just a little noise leakage coming threw...
    does that sound about right ?

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