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Thread: Broken CD Tray

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    Broken CD Tray
    I need to open my iBook to remove the end of the power adpater that is stuck inside. I have tried to find a manual but can't seem too. I removed the screws on the bottom thinking it would easily come apart. Anyone got any advice other than take it to a pro? I'm not a miser but this is an extra Mac that I am experimenting with. :dive:

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    Exclamation Good luck!
    Are you sure you removed all screws?
    There are three apparent screws, three screws hidden under each rubber foot and two small screws in the battery compartment, where the latch is.

    After removing all those screwsm you need to carefully de-clips the bottom case, which is a bit fiddly.

    Check here for instructions:

    Click on FixIt Guide, and select your iBook model... :cool:

    But be aware:
    Taking apart an iBook is even worse than a PowerBook, you need to keep track of the screws and their locations. There are many different sizes, and they are tiny and easily lost!!

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