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Thread: Unibody replacement after a fall

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    Nov 07, 2010
    Unibody replacement after a fall
    Hi guys,

    I have a late 2008 macbook unibody that was dropped and pretty badly damaged. All of the internals are in perfect working order. I bought them and upon arrival the unibody case is a PRO. I really think I should have just payed a little more attention to the purchase but I'm a little stuck now. I've heard my macbook can be put into the pro case but I figured I'd ask you guys before I attempted it.



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    Nov 07, 2010
    Wow. I'm using an old PC and it's terrible and cutting out parts of my typing. I bought the unibody case from a pro after apparently not reading the ebay ad completely. Can I put my non-pro in a pro body?

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    I doubt it, as the cases are somewhat different because of external ports and a different size and layout of the logic board. Take a look at both by going to iFixit: The free repair manual.

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