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    Powerbook Trackpad Button Problems
    Hello all, I am new here and I am having a problem with my Powerbook's trackpad button. I did some searching around here, and failed to find a definitive answer, so I will ask again.

    I have had my powerbook G4 15" 1.5ghz for a little over a year now, which puts it just outside Apple's complimentary support. Recently the trackpad button has been acting a bit odd. To get it to register a click, you have to press much harder than normal. Then, when it finally does register the click, it is more often than not a double click. The double-clicking on sigle click issue seems to come and go sporatically though.

    This is extremely annoying, as I am a professional DJ who uses my powerbook up to 5 nights a week with Rane Serato Scratch. The double clicking reduces my functionality in Serato, as well as general use. I bought a Mighty Mouse for the time being, but it would be nice to find some resolution to this.

    Anyone else having this issue with their Powerbooks? Anyone find a solution to this?

    I am thinking I am going to have to pay to have this fixed, but I don't know what would be cheaper, calling Apple ($49) or taking it in to a local Apple Service place and having them take it apart ($60/hour).

    Please help!?!?!?

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    Bmw M Power05
    first off im not trying to hi jack this thread

    but i am also on the same page, i too have a 1.5ghz powerbook but mines about 5-6 months old. My track pad seems like it doesnt want to move shortly after my computer comes out of Sleep mode. At first i thought it was just slow waking back up but sometimes this issue will go on for about 2 minutes. Any ideas?

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    Give Apple a call and see what they say: I'm pretty sure they only charge the fee if you're asking for technical support with things like software issues...

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    Bmw M Power05
    Deal. Thanks

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