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    Clock Resetting?
    Everytime I restart my PowerBook (17in G4) the clock resets to December 31, 1969. Any clue to why this might happen?

    Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks.

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    There is smaller battery on the logic board that holds time, it has probably gone dead.

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    Mynameis is correct. It sure sounds like the PRAM battery. On a PC it's the CMOS Backup battery. How old is the Powerbook? Usually they last a lot longer but that sure sounds like it's the battery.

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    Does your powerbook die quickly when just running off your battery? My powerbook was doing the same thing and it wasn't the PRAM battery it was actually the powerbook battery itself and once that was replaced by apple I have had no problems since. So test that out and if your battery is fine then it's probably the PRAM battery.

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    Hey thanks for the feedback. I got it in early September so it's not old at all. The battery does seem to drain rather quickly but I've always thought that was just subject to the programs I run (primarliy photoshop/illustrator). I calibrated the battery correctly but I do work with it mainly pluged in. Am I using my battery/powerbook incorrectly in doing this?

    Any more help is greatly appreciated.

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