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    Hey all, I have a MacBook 13" 09, yatta yatta, I was just wondering if I could make a modification to it. I was talking with my uncle the other day, and I was complaining about the fan. It works fine and all, but I was wondering if I could add a second fan to it. I was wondering if I could remove the CD/DVD drive (since it died), and install a fan where it used to be. Its a big enough area, and I just want my computer to run cooler, and just to know that I have a second fan to rely on. He said maybe some has made this mod already and to search online, and couldn't find anything, just found a bunch of stuff to buy a new fan. Anyways, I thought I would drop in here and ask this wonderful community about this, and hopefully this can be done. Thank you for you time.

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    Interesting idea...but I haven't heard of anyone doing it. One problems can't just "willy-nilly" drop a 2nd fan into a laptop...and 100% expect it to work well. Laptops (and desktops) are designed to have a specific air flow pattern for the cooling air circulated by the fan(s). The air-flow of a 2nd fan may not flow well...or may actually impair the flow in some way of the original fan. I'm not saying that 100% a 2nd wouldn't just needs to be carefully investigated.

    As far as the heat. We probably get 10-15+ threads/week of folks asking various questions regarding the temp/heat of their Apple laptops.

    The bottom line is...yes they can get hot (especially when gaming or watching videos)...just the way it is with laptops. If an Apple laptop gets too will automatically shut itself off.

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    Yeah that is true, about the air flow of the original. It was an idea, I might start to make a few attempts at it. Me and a buddy of mine are going to probably attack this idea this weekend. We've been scouring for an extra macbook, so we can Frankenstein the hell out of it. We took mine apart before, and just a clean up. I don't have problems with overheating or running too hot, its just an idea that was discussed and I may attempt to see it through. If I am going to attempt, what would be some considerations to take into account? Power being one, and maybe the size of the fan? or the exit? I was going to take a dremel to side of where the CD drive is and just make that slit part wider. what would be other things consider before continuing on with this?

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