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    Setting up a new hdd from a Time Machine Backup without the Installation Disc?
    Long story short. My hard drive crashed. Thankfully I backed it up with Time Machine. I purchased a new hard drive. I need to set this new drive up from my Time Machine Backup. But I don't have my installation discs. Am I screwed?

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    How old is that mac and is it under warranty, and what version of OSX was it running
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    Here is a link to restore from time machine without installation disk
    How to restore data from Time Machine | Macworld

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    luishen, its a 2009 model. Not under warranty.

    ycl1688, thanks for the link. I read it earlier this morning and it doesnt apply to my problem. The new drive doesnt have an operating system on it. Which is needed to access the utilities folder as explained in the article. And I cant put an operating system on it without the install disks.

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    Give Apple customer service a call and order a retail Snow Leopard 10.6.8 DVD from them. I understand they still have them in stock but the supply is limited so call now. The disk will cost $29.99. Without an install disk and since there is no operating system on the hard drive you have no way of recovering from Time Machine.

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