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    Problems Installing RAM
    I just installed kingston RAM into my powerbook, a 1G stick. I followed the instructions, and it seems to fit fine. However, my computer still says that it has 512 mb instead of 1.5 G. Is there another step to installing more RAM? Any help is appreciated.


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    Did you check that the RAM is installed properly. It will detect the RAM automatically. When I installed my RAM, I didn't push the module hard enough the first time as I was afraid of breaking it but there's a 'click' when it's in the bay. Restart the powerbook when it's done and system profiler should update automatically.

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    I think you will have 1.2 not 1.5 once you get it working.

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    Thanks, I will try that

    As far as the amount of ram... wouldn't I have 512 mb + 1 G?

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    You should do...

    Which powerbook model do you have?

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    Thanks for the help, I just pushed it in more and it worked. I was surprised at how hard you had to push, I didn't want to break it because it appeared to be so delicate. It currently says I have 1.5 G ram... I have the latest powerbook.

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