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    rMBP BTO considerations
    I'm keeping myself planted firmly on the fence on the purchase of a rMBP until Apple takes care of the IR issues, but I'm trying to come to a determination on how to order one when I do. Now that the base model allows for some BTO modifications, I'm prepared to spend a few extra coins if it will truly benefit me in the long run, but I'm a little undecided which direction will yield the most benefit.

    The bump to a 512GB hard drive is the most costly of additions, but coming from a 2008 MBP with a 200GB hard drive that's been a daily chore to keep from filling up, it might be the best route. There's then of course the CPU upgrades and the jump to 16GB RAM.

    For someone purchasing this notebook with the intent of it being the primary machine for photo/video editing and graphic design for a minimum of 4-5 years, which of these additions would you suggest as the best route? Unfortunately, I can't add them all and have the cost north of $3k, so I have to choose wisely. Thoughts?

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    I would choose the ram upgrade before the SSD upgrade. You can always use external hard drives for additional storage if it becomes necessary...but you can never add more ram.

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    i have the rMBP 2.6ghz 512gb ssd and 16gb RAM. i do a lot of picture editing using DSLR Raw file formats and have started final cut pro dslr video editing.

    upgrade to 16gb ram for sure!!!!! processing power is up to you, because its still very powerful either way. as for storage, just grab a USB 3.0 hard drive or thunderbolt hard drive and use that to store all of the photos, videos projects, etc, so you can keep everything to a minimum on the laptop itself. then you'll have room to work with a project in the field or on location direct from camera, then just move it over to external when you get home.

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