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    MacbookPro Power Conversion help
    Hey all.

    I'm currently a US student who will be traveling to the UK next year for school and I am completely and utterly lost when it comes to how I should solve the problem of making my computer adaptable to UK/European outlets.

    I have the MagSafe power adapter as well as the extension cord. I originally found the Apple World Traveler Adapter Kit, but honestly I prefer using the extension cord since the regular power adapters are notorious for being inconveniently short.

    So my question is: Will the adapter and extension cord I have now work with just a regular outlet adapter? Or am I better off buying an extension cord that's UK-specific?


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    Aug 12, 2012
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    The Magsafe adapter for the Macbook converts the power itself. All you need to get is a set like this one: Apple World Travel Adapter Kit - Apple Store (UK).

    Though I think you should be able to get the longer cord, that plugs into the wall and then your adapter, in a normal Mac Store. They have them in Sweden, where I live, at least.

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