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    15" macbook pro vs 15" retina display graphic design
    I am currently about to start my second year at university studying graphic design and I am finally getting round to getting myself a mac!
    The 2 options I have are the baseline 15" mac upgraded to 8gb of ram and the hi res screen for around 1680 or the baseline retina model for 1799!

    I have heard some terrible things about the retina model in terms of working with graphics such as problems with the full creative suite including illustrator and photoshop and that basically the technology is ahead of its time, but how far ahead?

    I do not want to invest so much in the regular macbook pro though and find it instantly outdated!! Also wondering if the high res screen is a worthwhile investment!

    Thanks in advance,

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    Frankly, it shouldn't matter. For serious work, you should hook either one up to a huge external monitor.

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    I agree with anynamewilldo. I use my Apple 27" monitor to do any serious photographic work. Anything smaller is just too small to work with.

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