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    Re-installing Mac software to a new HD
    Some time ago, just out of warranty (of course!), the HD in my 13.3" Macbook Pro died. I replaced it with a standard 500gb drive. I had no problem reloading the OS, but when I tried to reload the associated software from the Apple DVD I saw an install error. I posted here for help but no-one could offer any.

    For interest for anyone faced with the same problem, I went to a local computer repairer and got the "09 software pirated onto a USB stick. I installed that successfully. Then I tried the "11 DVD again and this time it installed without a problem. I have no idea why I had the original problem or why this solved it, but it worked without my having to buy the software again and that's all I care.

    As a follow-up question, I'm thinking of changing the 500gb HD for a 750gb combo dynamic/SSD. Can anyone think of any problems this might give me? Will I be able to "restore" a Time machine backup taken from the 500gb disk onto this new combo 750gb one?

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    If you own the software no need to worry about buying again. Just load from the CD/DVD and run the Activation code. It happens that large apps such as anything Adobe and Microsoft Office do not migrate well and require activation.

    Don't use TM so can't help. If you do a search of the threads you will find hybrid drives mentioned.
    Hang on to those original install discs like grim death! Using OS X.7 or later make a bootable USB thumb drive before running Installer!

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    Thanks. The software concerned was the iLife packages supplied with the new machine. I had no concerns about propriety but I originally just couldn't get the machine to accept it. Although I went an unconventional route I did get where I wanted to be in the end. I only posted because several other people had apparently had the same problem, and I was offering them a solution.

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