I am the proud owner of a 2011 15" Macbook Pro that I bought refurbished with a i7 processor and 500 gig hdd.

I know I'm not being bureaucratically appropriate by discussing 2 problems in one thread. But, I'm honestly too lazy to make two posts for these simple and small problems.

1. The first problem is one quite simple. I thought it had to do with the SMS sensor in the computer. But when I angle my computer to one side or the other I hear quite a loud click. I thought this was the SMS sensor at first but it is quite loud and also happens when the computer is switched off. It almost sounds like a key click. So it is either a regular design conflict that is common in all macbook pro's or I have a loose part rolling around in there or it's the SMS somehow functioning when the computer is off as well. Either way, I would like someone to enlighten me on the matter.

2. The second problem is absolutely miniscule. But it bothers me. I believe I deserve to be satisfied with my apple product considering what I pay for their devices. It has to do with the sleep indicator light. Which functions fully, except for one flaw. The sleep indicator light seems to be made up of a series of dots if you look very closely. One of these dots in the middle is not lit up. This makes it look as if there is a slit in the middle of the sleep indicator light. It is a small problem but I have no idea if I can do anything about it or if it's normal.

P.S. I still run OSX Lion, not Mountain Lion

Regards and thanks,