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    Macbook pro screen problem
    Hey all, so after recently flying with a bottle of cough syrup in my backpack I have an issue. The bottle leaked all over my macbook pro. None of the red cough syrup got into the keyboard, but some has seeped into the screen. Now there is a red tint spread out all over my screen. My hypothesis is that the syrup just got under the glass panel and is now sandwiched between the glass and the LCD screen. Has anyone here ever removed that glass panel? I am thinking that if I can get the glass panel off I could simply wipe the stuff off the LCD screen and be back in business without spending millions of dollars on this. For anyone who has removed the glass difficult is this? I am relatively competent when it comes to tinkering with stuff, but I do not want to get myself into a situation where I make this worse and end up breaking the screen all together. Any ideas? Just trying to brainstorm here!


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    Depends on what was in the cough syrup. If it contained any type of alcohol or other medicinal cough suppressant, it may have permanently damaged the screen. Go to iFixit: The free repair manual and take a look at the instructions for swapping out the display. That should help. Good luck and keep your fingers crossed!

    PS: Please watch the language.

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