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    Macbook Pro 2007 keyboard
    My keyboard has a couple of keys that aren't working, and I am looking to purchase a replacement. I saw an ad on a local website for a Macbook pro Keyboard for sale. It's a 2008 Macbook pro but it looks exactly like my 2007 Macbook Pro. Are the keyboards the same? Will it fit into mine?

    * On closer inspection, I do notice my retunr key on the right hand side is long key and the 2008 one seems to be more like a wide key? Either way, I don't mind if the keyboard layout is different, as long as it works in my Macbook pro 2007? Can anyone confirm if it will? Thanks.

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    The keyboards are different in layout, so chances of it not being compatible are likely.
    I would continue searching until I found a 2007 keyboard, better be safe than sorry.


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    ok. thanks.

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