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Thread: Introducing myself

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    Introducing myself
    well I'm brand new to the Mac world, and I registered on this site a few days ago. I guess this is my second post. Christmas came for me on the 23rd and I went to the nearby Apple Store and picked up my 14" iBook G4.

    There are a few things I don't like about it. I don't like that you cannot right-click on the mouse. Copying and pasting is more difficult now. If I download new software, the instructions aren't always clear on how to install the software properly. It's pricier than a lot of other machines out there. This is kind of annoying because it's built in China. Then again, so are iPods, and iPods aren't exactly cheap. Still it seems to be well made.

    Some may ask what I do like about it. Real simple. My days of cleaning up spyware should be about over. It's a good looking machine and seems well made. I was also considering a mac mini or a 17" iMac. The prices for all of them got similar enough that I had a hard time making up my mind. But I think I'll be happy with this.

    As you all can imagine, the apple store was a zoo on the the 23rd. I got a student discount even though I haven't been a student in a few years. I hung onto my student ID for these kinds of things. The gave me a discount on the computer and the wireless keyboard and mouse. I had them upgrade the RAM as well. I did not get a discount on the RAM upgrade even though I would have if I had bought the machine online. Actually I paid more to have it done in the store. This didn't bother me because I don't have a problem paying a little extra for faster service. What I suspect is that these stores are like the cell phone retailers. The cell phone retailers don't make anything off of the phones or the plans, they make their money by selling accessories. I'd bet it's similar for the Apple stores. They make the real money by selling leopard print iPod cases or iPod Shuffles.

    I've never really used a Mac before. My brother has had them off and on for years. I've concluded that learning this is similar to learning a new language. And the trick with learning a language is to begin thinking in that language ASAP. I've got to get myself to stop thinking this is a new version of windows. Once I do that, I should get it figured out quickly.

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    Welcome to the Mac side of things. Hope you enjoy your iBook.
    Also about the Copy / Paste you can do what dtravis said or Command + C to copy and Command + V to paste. The command key is the one with the apple on it.

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    Welcome to the world of Mac and to Mac Forums!

    On the mouse thing, when using the built in trackpad, hold the control key and click and you will get the Right Click. Also you can hook up any USB 2 button or more mouse and get right clicking and even scrolling right out of the box. If it's a Logitech or Microsoft, there are drivers on both sites that allow all buttons to work and not just left, right and scroll. That should help you a bit. I believe a program called USBOverdrive will also let you assign other buttons on other brands of mice.

    If you have any other problems or questions, ask away and someone here will be glad to help out.

    I don't know what you mean on the copy/paste as it's as easy on OSX as anything I have ever used. Like I said either get a 2 button mouse so you can right click and bring up copy or use the control key while clicking for now.

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    Or... for the trackpad, hold one finger (your left) on it, and tap the trackpad with your middle finger. I think this works.

    Welcome to the Forums!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pierre
    Or... for the trackpad, hold one finger (your left) on it, and tap the trackpad with your middle finger. I think this works.

    Welcome to the Forums!
    That only works with iScroll (not needed on the new iBooks)

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    welcome to the world of mac. remember that they are a bit different from windows and will take a bit of time to get used too.

    you will slowly learn a whole heck of a lot of keyboard commands which will render right clicking slow and useless.

    few quick web browsing keyboard things:
    space bar to jump a bit of the way down the page (alt+arrow up/arrow down work too)
    command+up (or down) to go to top or bottom of pave
    command + left arrow to go back a page
    command + right arrow to go foreward
    command + a to select all

    most of these have a right click option

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    I use SideTrack from the website below. I like it more than the two finger scrolling. I can scroll using one finger and I can set corners for different uses. I use the upper right corner to right click and the upper left for Dashboard. You can try it for free. Good luck.

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    Welcome to the world of Macs! Try the punch, you'll never be abl- er... want to leave!

    Seriously though, congrats on the purchase, you won't regret it.

    I will say though, on your comment about the store, the Apple Store's are all actually owned by Apple, so they make profit from everything in there.
    I'd use Windows... but I like the Mac OS more.

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    To be honest, I bought a wireless keyboard and mouse because the thing will spend 99% of its life sitting on my desk to be used there. I could've bought the Mac mini and saved about $500 but for some reason, I decided I just had to have a laptop. In my case, it will make vacations easier if I have something to take with me. That way, I can make plans on the go, and not have to use those awful hotel computers. But I guess some of those keystrokes should work even with the wireless stuff.

    Has anyone ever used those workshops they offer at the stores? Are they worthwhile? When you go, do you bring along your own machine? I'm thinking about taking advantage of this since I have the time this week, and it should help me get better adjusted to the new things.

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    For me the great thing about a laptop is that with airport I can sit comfortably anywhere in my house and use it. I also love to go to the local coffee shop that offers free wireless internet and lounge. I gladly pay the laptop premium for portability.

    P.S. Allow yourself to learn how to use the Mac OS. It is different from Windoze. Don't grouse about how it's different from Windoze. Embrace the difference. Learn The Way of Macintosh.

    I've been using Apple computers for 25 years, Macintoshes for 18 years. I program on PCs for a living. I use PCs because I have to and Macintosh because I want to. How can I sum up all that experience? Like this: I will *always* have a Macintosh for my personal computer and *never* a Windoze PC. You could not give me top-end PC for free. I'd sell it and get a Mac.

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