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Thread: Battery Life?

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    Battery Life?
    The box said the battery is supposed to last 5 hours. Well mine does not. It lasts 3.5. I did the whole thing correctly, powered it on, let it drain to sleep and then filled it up fully, then unhooked it, let it drain 100% and sleep, then charged it 100% again. 3.5 hours still!

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    First off, no matter what type of product you are talking about, you are never going to get the battery life that the box claims. However I can get about 4.5 hours out of my PB if all I'm doing is typing. I usually shutdown Airport, Bluetooth, turn down the processor speed and screen brightness.

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    yep and if you use the command-option-control-8 combo to invert the screen, you'll be able to pull even more battery life. Normal usage I get around 3.5 hours and that's with photoshop, word processor, browser etc open, but without airport or bluetooth since that really drains the battery quickly.

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