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    MBP Retina won't recognize flash drive - old MBP does
    I've checked every other "My new MBP won't see my flash drive" thread I can find, and none of them answer my question. I have a reasonably new (2 years or so) 4G flash drive that I'm trying to use to transfer some files to my new 15" retina MacBook Pro, but the new computer won't recognize it. It is NOT formatted for PC. My 2007 MBP reads it just fine, will write things to it and pull things off of it no problem. A PC will even recognize it enough to complain about the formatting. The ports on my new laptop are fine. Both have been used successfully with more than one other device. My external hard drive works just fine with the new computer. But it's a dinosaur. It weighs about 3 pounds and has its own power supply. It's just not practical to carry that around with me all the time. Any thoughts or suggestions? I'm willing to shell out the 6 bucks for a new flash drive, but how do I know I won't have the same problem with that one?

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    I suspect because the ports on your Retina are USB 3 and the flash drive is USB 2, that there is some sort of incompatibility going on. Yes, I know that USB 3 is backward compatible with USB 2, but we've been seeing some of this occur on the new line of MBPs also. (which have USB 3 ports)

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    I completely forgot about USB 3. I think I had just assumed that since my ancient external hard drive worked, that anything newer should work, too. Thanks, I'll make sure any new flash drive I get is USB 3 compatible.

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    same issue
    I am having the same issue with my usb 2.0 thumb drives, my new retina MBP won't recognize it.

    Weird. I would prefer not to buy new usb 3.0 drives at this point.

    Any suggestions out there?

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    Short USB connector?
    I had a similar problem with an HP v115w pendrive and a new MacBook Pro Retina. Maybe this helps:

    The problem was that the pendrive USB connector was too short. Rotating the cover just 90 degrees instead of 180 exposed a little bit more of connector and the MBP recognized the pendrive without problems. (Wrote about it here: HP v115w pendrive finally working on MacBook Pro Retina)

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