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    Apple iphone headphone's mic not working on my new MBP retina
    I have a apple iphone headphones with mic. When i plug in my headphones, the MBP recognizes the head phone and external mic. However, the mic doesnt seem to work. I tired the mic on my other windows computer and on my phone and it works fine.

    If i go to system preference --> sound --> Input, the internal microphone is the only thing listed.

    So basically, when i use Skype with these headphones, the other person cant hear me at all. My other option is to use a headphone without a mic so the system uses the build in mic. But apple specs states it should work with the iphone headphone mic.

    Any ideas?

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    Try different headphones - but if yours are working on other systems - then it could be there is something in the headphone jack that is busted - either something inside the jack or maybe the connection on the jack is bad. If you try other headphones and the exhibit the same issue (working on other systems not your Mac) then the most likely thing is something is wrong with your headphone port.

    Try plugging and unplugging a few times. I found that sometimes the jack gets lost. Also try a reboot.

    When I plug in an appropriate iphone headphone - the input changes from internal mic to external mic - but it does take a while.

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    Jul 19, 2012
    thanks for the input. I ended up taking the macbook to apple store and came to find out there was something wrong with the headphone mic. They ended up giving me a brand new pair of headphone for free. i was shocked. And it was also weird that my old headphone mic worked on my phone and my PC

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